Were you promised a happy, joyful life after you put your faith in Jesus?

That's great...except for all the other things that happen on the journey. We make resources for the rest of your Christian journey and the parts no one talks about.


Halfway There Podcast

Each episode of Halfway There features an ordinary Christian sharing their story of spiritual formation on the journey of life with God. Go beyond the classic Christian testimony into the ups and downs, the joys and the difficulties of being a Christian in the 21st century.  Our guests offer insights and hope from their own stories. If you ever wondered if God is active and alive, this show is for you.

Do you feel mad at God sometimes?

Not understanding or feeling anger toward God can be a very isolated place. The good news is, the Christian tradition includes many examples of God's people through the millennia that wrestled with him and his ways. In this helpful download, you'll meditate on Habakkuk, relate his experience to yours, and find simple help to move through the experience of anger with God.

You're not alone and the path is well worn by God's people. 

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